Artist's Statement

Travelling has been part of my life. Living in small towns and big cities, understanding of the relationship between people and the cultures they come from. Throughout history people have voyaged to unknown places in search of knowledge to advance their own culture. Languages transforming over and over again due to the unification of cultures. And as we advance, we grow more fragile. Developing through the advancement of technology and materiality but as humans, psychologically, we are invariable. Our fears, ability to love, acceptance of change is constant. 


I’m interested in architecture and landscapes in relation to the development of societies. The fine line between necessity and decoration and how it plays a role in it through modernist interpretation of colour and form in art and architecture. 


Through my work I express these ideas by creating a dialogue between the materials, the medium and the space they inhabit. My work consists of a combination of painting, drawing, ceramics and photography. These mediums have been used as a form of communication for centuries; and through them I wish to communicate the psychological impressions and the relationship we have among each other and the space we live in. Using colour and materiality to promote the psychological rendering of space and cultural connotations.